Landscape Photography: From Capture to Print (January Session)


Do you love landscape photography? Would you like to improve your landscape images? Join me on a 4 week journey through South Florida’s unique landscapes.

This course is a hybrid format.

We will meet outdoors on location once a week to capture images and discuss camera settings, composition considerations, and lighting considerations.

We will then meet on Zoom to discuss post-processing techniques for landscape images, and how to prepare images for web and print use.

(see description below for course schedule)

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Weekly Schedule

January 4th (Sunset)

Tuesday, January 4th: 4:30pm-sunset – Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge, Boynton Beach, FL

Wednesday, January 5th: 6-7pm – Zoom discussion

January 11th (Sunrise)

Tuesday, January 11th: 6:30am-sunrise – Anglin’s Fishing Pier, Ft Lauderdale

Wednesday, January 12th: 6-7pm – Zoom discussion

January 18th (Long Exposure)

Tuesday, January 18th: 6:30am-sunrise – Deerfield Beach South End (long exposure landscape photography)

Wednesday, January 19th: 6-7pm – Zoom discussion

January 25th (Cityscapes)

Tuesday, January 25th: 4pm-sunset – Downtown Ft Lauderdale (cityscapes)

Wednesday, January 26th: 6pm-7pm – Zoom discussion


Due to inclimate weather, certain sessions may need to be rescheduled. Raincheck datesTBA.